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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Ghost of Web 3.0 | The success news of BAYC and WAYC was recently published in the newspapers of Hell town.

The king of Hell, Sauron got his eye stuck on the lightning ETH logo on his laptop screen.

He assumed it was an Arkenstone.

To collect this ETH, he decided to send his elite army of 10000 Ghost Apes.

As he didn’t have his full power due to his lost ring, he kept thinking about how to send this army into the real world.

Saruman gave him the idea of a new Web 3.0 world and how people have been addicted to NFTs.

Sauron thought of these NFTs as his precious, the lost ring, which too was addictive.

So it was decided.

He commanded Smaug,

“Send the army of these 10000 Ghosts Apes in the form of NFTs to rule the world!”.

He distributed his evil power randomly among these GAYC NFTs. That’s how we got our Ghost Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

Anyone who holds these NFTs will become the soldier of Sauron.

There’s a rumor among the Elfs that if all these 10000 GAYC NFTs got a Lord, Sauron might regain his full power and attack the real world.

Together let’s bring the power of Sauron to this world.! Let’s buy at least 1 GAYC NFT and Hold them! Anyone who holds these NFTs will become the soldier of Sauron.

* We are not affiliated with Yuga Labs, BAYC, or Larva Labs.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ghost Ape Yacht Club NFT Roadmap


– Our official social media marketing campaign begins.
– The official launch of our website.
– The launch of our official Discord server.
– Onboarding team members.
– Collaborations and partnerships with leading projects, influencers, and communities to build brand awareness, and grow our community organically.
– The launch of our official whitepaper.


– 0% : The official mint begins. Date-TBA
– 20% : We begin team expansion and 5 random Hodlers will be rewarded with APPLE SMART WATCH
– 60% : The official launch of our Merch Store and 3 random Hodlers will be rewarded with APPLE IPHONE 14 PRO MAX.
– 100%: Further team expansion, listing on all major secondary marketplaces, mass-adoption marketing campaign, further strategical partnerships and 1 random Hodler will be rewarded with MACBOOK PRO.


– Launch of 12 NFT projects by EliteN-12 CLUB
– Creation of 1000 EN-12 CLUB Passes( all will be FREE for holders of more than 5 GAYC NFT)
– EliteN-12 CLUB Passes holder will get 1 FREE NFT for upcoming 12 NFT projects each.


Additional Info

This Halloween we will be raining rewards for GAYC NFT holders!

LIMITED SPOTS for Whitelist

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WL: 0.04E
Presale: 0.08E
Public: 0.12 E

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