GOATs of the Metaverse - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Yo! If you are digging the 80s, 90s, and RETRO VIBES , come join us! It is our mission to celebrate this era and their idols in the Metaverse and build a badass FAMILY of GOATs who are worthy fans and supporters of the good decades. Together will keep the Metaverse as it is supposed to be!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

GOATs of the Metaverse NFT Roadmap

1. Off the Chain

Poured our heart and soul into creating ‘GOATs of the Metaverse’. Now, pumped to show off the first glimpse of our ORIGINAL collection.

Also psyched to announce that Chris Hülsbeck contributed the official soundtrack. It is the great beginning of more collabs and partnerships that are right up the alley for our mission to celebrate the retro vibes.

Follow us on Twitter, get involved on Discord. Let’s do this!

The top supporters in our Discord channel will get a guaranteed whitelist spot. Additional whitelist spots will be available from raffles and community challenges.

2. The Mint

The GOATs are going live. Going to announce the mint date in the near future.

Right now, the whole team is working hard to get everything ready to support a mint with direct reveal. There will be no placeholder or silhouette-art reveal. These are lame! You will get your unique GOAT immediately. Our team puts in the work before as it should be.

Believe NFTs should be more fun and less speculation. In this spirit, our mint price will be on the lower end of the spectrum and trading fees will be average.

The public mint will produce a maximum of 9990 powerful GOATs.

Early bird bonus drop : The first 1000 minted GOATs will be eligible for an additional free GOAT via airdrop ONLY after 8990 GOATs have been minted. The airdrop will go to the wallet holding the GOAT at the time of the airdrop.

Token Allocation:
Token ID 0 – 99: Team Mint (qty 100)
Token ID 100 – 8989: Private / Public Mint (qty 8890)
Token ID 8990 – 9989: Early bird raffle (qty 1000). Airdrop to wallets holding token 100 – 1099
Token ID 9990 – 9994: Icon raffle part 1 (qty 5). Airdrop to wallets holding token 0 – 9989
Token ID 9995 – 9999: Icon raffle part 2 (qty 5). Airdrop to wallets holding token 0 – 9989 for a certain number of days. (To be announced).

3. Icon Drops

This final drop will bring the collection to 10,000 GOATs.

An additional number of 10 very special GOATs will be awarded after the mint to our OWNERS and hodlers. They have one-of-one traits and are the most precious items of the collection and the few lucky ones can decide to flip them or keep’ em for ultimate bragging rights.

Icons will also give you an exclusive status badge in our Discord so everybody knows with whom they are dealing with.

4. Rarity Tools and such

The “GOATs of the Metaverse” collection will be available in tools like Rarity Sniper shortly after the mint. Also looking to plugin with other relevant tools of the NFT space. Inputs are welcome!

5. Marketing and partnerships

Let the herd go wild! Looking to fund marketing initiatives and partnerships that are fun and support our mission of wicked retro fun! Being part of the club should be a statement.

And now you know and knowing is half the battle. (G.I. Joe)

6. Grand opening of the GOATs Club

15 days after the mint, the GOATs Club will be unlocked on our Discord Server for those who show a real GOAT mentality. For more information visit our Discord.

You will enjoy:
– Exclusive hodlers chat
– Status badges
– Voting
– Surprise perks

7. Welcome to my crib

Let’s put our hooves in the Metaverse. The GOATs shall be known and have a base in all relevant Metaverse games and projects. All that and a bag of chips.

8. Charity Event

The strongest help the weakest! Going to make a donation to a charity organization that our community wants to support.

9. What’s next?

Let’s become totally tubular! Pave the way for “GOATs of the Metaverse” to become a BRAND born in the Metaverse one day.

Let’s take over the Metaverse together!

Additional Info

Minting Aug 6th

Pre-sale registration is now open at: https://www.premint.xyz/gotm

Whitelist spots will be given to those who show real GOAT mentality. Check our Discord to see every condition you need to meet in order to get whitelisted.
You can also get a whitelist spot by participating in giveaways.