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Project Description

Do you love fantasy IP such as Lord of the rings, Game of thrones, Berserk, Elden Ring, Harry Potter, etc? if yes, I think you will like our project.

What is Gotterhavn?

In short, Gotterhavn is a dark renaissance fantasy IP that starts its journey on web3. No hype. Just fine arts, lore, and literature.

Longer description about Gotterhavn:

Gotterhavn is a dark fantasy world whose inhabitants are immortals.
Our project aims to build an intellectual property (IP) around it. With deep and immersive world building and lore, The potential of story development in Gotterhavn is unlimited.

Our main NFT collection lives on Ethereum network. It is a collectible collection that accompanies Gotterhavn lore and story. Our art style is hyperrealistic with a dark twist.
We take very good care of the details and quality of our art as we aim to attract the fans of our story and NFT art collectors that appreciate and enjoy creative expressions.
Our main collection is also a way for us to raise the funding to bring Gotterhavn as an intellectual property into various media (films, series, etc.)

In order to do this, we need a great story and a solid community.
The former, we are confident about, and the latter, that is where the web3 venture comes in.

Phase 1 (done) of Gotterhavn is dedicated for the community,
“The Circle of Aristocrats” minting. Holders will earn the title Aristocrats which comes with privileges.
We want our early supporters to have a sense of belonging. We will share 40% dividend of our total volume per month of our main collection 1 to the holders.

We hope to involve our Aristocrats in our endeavor so we may succeed together as a community.

Phase 2 (ongoing) will see us releasing our novel chapters periodically via our website (
This will be the gateway for people to get into Gotterhavn and its story.
And it’s our way to get a wider range of audience from web2 and the general public.

Phase 3 (now) is the minting of our main collection 1,
a collectible collection that accompanies Gotterhavn lore and story as explained in the beginning.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Gotterhavn NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

A dark renaissance fantasy IP | Aristocrat Rings: SOLD OUT |
Main Collection (7777) mint: September 27 (free for Aristocrats)

Next phases are to be announced.