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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

**Welcome to the Guru-Verse **

Gurus is a 5000 PFP collection here to dominate the Solana eco system, adding innovation you have never seen before, providing holders with the most supreme and unique value. No open promises just results.

Autumn – Winter MMXXII-MMXXIII

Provide our community with PFP collection and gaming site.

STAKING! WE will introduce our AMULET token which will be the bloodline of the Guru ecosystem.

*We will integrate AMULET into the casino, raffle system, future collections, merch and toolkit.

*Tier 1 of Royalty share is unlocked

Something to hold you while we build!

Spring – MMXXIII

DAO – We will build our nation of Gurus and execute our mission to educate the masses on finance, investment and blockchain technology.

Raffles – We will introduce our unique raffling system where we don’t just raffle NFTs but IRL events and tickets, to Exclusive holder only parties & meets.

Female Collection – which can be minted with SOL or AMULET but to purchase with Sol will come with a tax

*Tier 2 of Royalty share is unlocked

Summer – MMXXIII

DAO builds Gurus Ventures an investment / Education platform where degens can get educated on NFT trading and investing, various passive income opportunities and have access to tons of material from industry certified Gurus.

*Mint access passes for Guru Ventures – holders of access passes get % of rev share from various DAO investments.

*Gurus first IRL party hosted by DAO and Guru members.

Autumn – Winter MMXXIII

Gurus NFT Toolkit – Complete with mint/automation bot , Sniper, market tracker , RPC Node

*Toolkit subscription can only be paid with AMULET

To Be Continued!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Gurus NFT NFT Roadmap

no roadmap

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