Horrors of War - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

NFT art project that reflects the consequences of war that people have to experience, and we are here to help. Every art piece also has a deeper meaning. We have been featured on big news sites like USAToday, Marketwatch, etc.

A significant part of the gathered funds goes to the anti-war organization chosen by the community.

This project has 555 supply, which are individually made by our artist, and some of them are animated.

Animated art pieces are legendaries of this collection, and they have the most utility/benefits. We are not going anywhere, and we already have tentative plans for roadmap 2.0 You can find our more info on our website: http://horrorsnft.com Your choice matters

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Horrors of War NFT Roadmap


We grow and tell people who we are and what we do. We 110% support peace, and we want that to be clear in everything we do. We want to help people in these hard times through art and unity.


We release our 555 art pieces for sale, and after a while, there is going to be a reveal. Every art piece has a deeper meaning, and some of them are animated. Animated pieces are legendaries of this collection. We will also add some IRL utility later.


We will organize a vote for the community, to which anti-war organization we will make our first donation.

Phygital drop to our holders will be released as well and this will be a free mint. (You can claim IRL goods with this)


Roadmap 2.0 begins, and we are going to discover new ways to help people in need. Holders of our first collection are our genesis holders and they will have first access to all our future drops, and they will always have most privileges as well.

Additional Info


🔥Mint Date: January 24th, sale time: 15:00 utc
🔥Mint Price: 0.0089

We have collaborated with big groups and have locked in some insane benefits (including tools) for our minters.

We want to tell you guys, that we have also decided to set Royalties to 0%!

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