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Project Description

Welcome to HypeBots NFT

HypeBots NFT was started by a group of young Entrepreneurs looking to make a newly emerged banking system in the world of NFT’s.

Founded by EL Gato Studio with the aim of better livelihood for those in dire need, EL Gato Studio will take a part in providing Shelter Homes to those who are deprived of basic needs. Our aim and belief is to make the world a better place for all.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

HypeBots NFT Roadmap

% – Phase 1:Completed
Website & Social Media

Developed website in phase one showing proper indications of Hypebots progress and how it will work in near future. Created social media accounts on different platforms so that our beloved community remains in touch with latest news and feeds.

20 % – Phase 2:In Progress
NFT Development

Hypebot NFT creation phase where we are inclined towards creating and indulging banking robot type NFT’s with super hero powers that will differentiate the robots with each other. The development of Etheruem contract where our beloved community can mint HypeBot and take a part in public presale only for whitelist user.

40 % – Phase 3:Not Started
HypeBots Launch & Shill

The launch phase of HypeBot will bring electrifying story of how HypeBot rocketed to the moon and laid it’s foundation in NFT community thus enabling user to interact with their minted HypeBot NFT. The popularity of HypeBot will thus help the HypeBot HQ to bring in positive vibes amongst the community.

60 % – Phase 4:Not Started
HypeBots Portal & Network Development

El Gato Studio will develop a portal for HypeBots. Those who have minted our HypeBot NFT will be able to gain acces to the portal, which will lead to dynamic contents of Hypebots. The portal will help individuals in terms of Mutants Chips (For NFT Evolution), Staking System and for our premium crypto signal app.

80 % – Phase 5:Not Started
Staking System & Coin Launch

The first dynamic content provided in HypeBot Portal. The user can stake their NFT to earn daily rewards in terms of HypeBot coins. This will help the user to purchase or trade for available goods on our HypeBot market place. HypeBot coin can be earned by our staking system. The HypeBot Coin will also be listed on defi exchanges for further trades.

100 % – Phase 6:Not Started
Charity Donations

HypeBot NFT will remain upfront in donations aspect as our aim is to make an equal system for those who are in dire need for food and shelter. We have made it our priority and the HypeBot HQ will sufficiently provide donations to have better impact towards society.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!