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Project Description

Hyper Jellyz is an NFT collection featuring artwork by HyperHex. This 10k collection of space born jellyfish is supported by a massive amount of artwork consisting of 5 different classes and 5 one of one pieces called “Anomalies”. The goal of this project was to create one of the most ambitious, trait diverse collections on the blockchain. Over 550 “mouse drawn” traits exist in this body of work.

At its core, an NFT’s value is derived from its provenance and the vision behind the Hyper Jellyz was to maintain that purity. Everything generated has been meticulously hand drawn by the artist.

The lore behind Hyper Jellyz was birthed out of a true event which happened in 1991. Scientists launched 2,478 jellyfish polyps into space on the space shuttle Columbia. Astronauts induced these polyps to strobilate and produce baby jellyfish then monitored their development to adulthood.

The purpose of the experiment was to study how the lack of gravity in space effects jellyfish development and to determine whether adult jellyfish would behave differently once back in the gravity of Earth.

Over the course of the mission, the creatures proliferated: By mission’s close, there were some 60,000 jellies orbiting Earth. Unfortunately, the space-bred jellies weren’t able to function properly when they returned to Earth.

The fictional element and story behind the Hyper Jellyz revolves around the premise of extraterrestrial intervention and genetic modification which can be read about in the official White Paper on the website. Disclosure to the public is imminent.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Hyper Jellyz – A Year In The Making NFT Roadmap

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