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Project Description

An evolving project based on ETH launches multiple web3 solutions in Q1 and Q2 of ‘23 and combines it with real world experience.

The project focuses on the community who plays an important role. 90% of the revenue is given back to the community to be invested in shared NFT Trading Pools.

The leaders of the project who guide Island Group DAO worked on several NFT projects and have connections within the Silicon Valley due to the nature of their occupations.

The end goal of Island Group DAO is to connect the people of web3 on a physical island that will be canonized into a web3 based island.

The pathway to the end goal is divided into multiple phases:

-Phase 1.0 is launching the world’s first NFT Trading Pools guided by their own DAO structure. Make profit with your pool by trading NFTs, you only have to stake your $PALM tokens to get access and use the funds of your own pool. Learn from other pools and create a strong group, fully focused on the NFT and web3 world. Almost all of the project’s revenue (a minimum of 90%) goes back to these pools and you vote on how to spend the funds. Fees of the $PALM token are automatically swapped for USDC and will be added regularly to the always increasing pools.

-Phase 2.0 “The Book” containing also a whitelisted “iNFT” reveal and launch. The team collaborated with one of the most well-known NFT teams in the space to develop this new standard in NFT space. F*ck the fake free mints and no-discord. It’s time to disrupt.

-Phase 2.9 Creating the tokenized/real world registered structure that will invest in modeling real time Islands as a VR with the help of AI on generating daily and unique events. It’ll follow the DAO structure and the DAO tokens will work as shares and votes. $PALM Token holders will acquire the %25 of the total shares of this mentioned structure via airdrops. This process will be the fuel of phase 3.0.

-Phase 3.0 Taking over. This is where the real fun begins.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Island Group Dao NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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