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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Jail Drop is whole ecosystem built towards a unique Cross-Chain Play to Earn fighting game (GameFi). The Yakuza Boss NFT Collection minting on the 6th of August is a new PFP hand-drawn generative art, where each Yakuza is a unique character living on the ETH or SOL Blockchain. This Cross-Chain Collection has a supply of 3333 on ETH and 6666 on SOL.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Jail Drop / Yakuza NFT Roadmap

1 MileStone

1. Boss Collection: Yakuza Mobsters.
2. Trade in OpenSea.
3. Distribute 50% of all royalties from secondary sales in the Opensea to holders from Yakuza Collection.
4. DAO.
5. Comics.

2 MileStone

1. Boss Collection: Italian Mobsters.
2. Distribute 30% of all royalties from secondary sales in the Opensea to holders from Italian Mobster Collection.
3. Game Trailer.
4. Game play Demo.
5. MarketPlace Demo .

3 MileStone

1. Inmate NFT Prisioners Collection.
2. Alpha Game & Beta Game.
3. Craft System & MarketPlace.
4. In game Token Erc-20.
5. Pre-sale for Game Token.
6. Public-sale for in Game Token.
7. Pool for Boss Holders .

4 MileStone

1. Oficial Game Launch.
2. Major League System & Battle Pass.
3. Betting League System.
4. Pool for the Erc-20.
5. Awakening for the Inmates NFTS.
6. Introducing new Races and new skills.


Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!