Kanemi Project - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

[金美] Kanemi Project is a secret mission to collect 7,777 NFT as an acknowledgment that they are beautiful geishas to help Chiyo & Hana pay off their family’s debt.

The geisha work at Yorokobi, which has a variety of nightlife spots. They must mingle to search & gather information in order to find Hana.

This information will be used to access various utilities such as Kanemi’s Giveaway, Funding holders project, Kanemi’s Merch, DAO, mint pass for future drops, events & collaborations and many more!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Kanemi NFT Roadmap


Cyan_Alert: __ In our opinion, the roadmap is a mission that needs to be carried out and needs to be known by members so that @everyone who are here know what we are going to do and how we are progressing.

Informations💁🏼 Sharing information related to the Kanemi Project in the Discord Influencers📢 Pitching to various influencers related to the NFT spaces. We have opened a ✨influencers channel. If you have acquaintances, you can refer them to us.

We will whitelist you directly if this collaboration is successful. Collaboration🫂 Collaborating with several other large projects Activities🎮 Provide several facilities that can support the group to stay active and also as an activity to get a whitelist Hiring Team🛖 We want to form a strong and solid team so that we will be ready when this project is sold out and is ready to run Website🌐 Prepare a website that contains information about the project and also a place for minting later AMA Questions❓ Make an AMA session so you can get to know the Kanemi Project better.

Additional Info

The founder of the Kanemi Project was fascinated by Japanese culture, especially geisha. In terms of art, Kanemi adopted the Japanese-manga art style and made the geisha the main figure of this project. The Kanemi project is also inspired by various large projects and combines some of the utilities they have which we later develop into the Kanemi utility. Just like in Japan, where you can enjoy various kinds of entertainment, we want holders to be able to enjoy various kinds of utilities that can support this NFT space.