Karafuru 3D Guru – Second MetaSteps - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Leave the drab reality and enter the world of Karafuru. It’s a magical space where colors reign supreme and everyone just wants to have fun. Give it a spin and see which one of our personas you get. These personas are your ticket into the playground with the coolest crew in town. More NFTs to drop. More mediums to come. It is a brave new digital world. Come over and play. Inspired by Japanese culture, Karafuru is home to 5,555 generative arts where colors reign supreme. With over 1000 trait combinations and 12 of our characters bases which makes them look unique. Come and embody the plethora of Karafuru persona MoT has to offer and enter your very own playground in the metaverse!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Karafuru 3D Guru – Second MetaSteps NFT Roadmap

The World Starts with 2D FURUS…
Leave the drab reality and enter the colorful of Karafuru, filled with 5555 2D NFTs of your favorite 12 characters with 1000+ possible trait combinations

3D Furus Emergence
Time to level up!
3D NFTs are getting ready to come and play as they come alive right in front of our eyes.

Karafuru Carnival
The show must go on! Karafuru will have various real-life events, merchandise, and partnerships for you Furus to jump in! No spoiler… but exciting would be an understatement

Thrice Upon A time
This time, Furus will jump into our lives and animate playgrounds by becoming real-life physical toys!

Go Beyond Karafuru!
As the Karafurus have evolved into all current bodily possibilities, now you decide where should go next?

Additional Info

We continue to develop our project and want everyone to get into our metaverse. Preparing the second step to launch – don’t miss your chance!