Kinkverse Allowlist Raffle - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Welcome to Kinkverse, A sex-positive Metaverse for Kinky NFT Degens.
What are Kink Cards?
Kink Card NFTs are a collection of 10,000 utility and social tokens that signal holders’ affiliation with an exclusive on-chain kink community and culturists. Owning a kink card unlocks access to tons of Real-world benefits, inbuilt utilities and access to our exclusive Metaverse called Kinkverse.
Kink cards are SFW NFTs for NSFW people.
Member Benefits :
Real world Benefits:
Fetlife Premium access (Only for minters)
Exclusive access to partnered sexual wellness brands and clubs.
Discounts with affiliate merchandisers and shops
Exclusive access to kink munches, real-life events and parties.
Access to unique NSFW content and events
For NSFW content Creators and Brands:
Tokenize their services: by wrapping content and subscriptions as un-lockable DAO NFTs.
Metaverse branding – using exclusive Metaverse events, wearables, advertisements etc.
Other inbuilt utilities:
Kink dating and networking
Alpha Calls
Airdrops and invite only kink passes
Check whitepaper for more details.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Kinkverse Allowlist Raffle NFT Roadmap

June – July 2022

Kink Cards NFT launch
Public launch and minting on our website
– Uses gas efficient ERC721A
– Ambassadors program
– Launch Dates: TBA on Twitter

Track 1
Inbuilt utilities: Apps and Games
Kink cards give thousands of game possibilities, we start building the first set of applications that we have planned.
These include:
– A matching service between the holders
– Tokenizing members’ services to sell their content and subscriptions as unlocakble NFTs
– Interoperability with other NFTs
– And much more…
Read more in whitepaper

Track 2
Metaverse Move
Kinkverse will be the first – Metaverse for Kinksters, promoting sex-positivity and harmonizing sexual experiences in the Metaverse.
Build our world on Decentraland with airdrops like kink collectibles and NFT worlds for an exclusive immersive experience for members and partners.
Read more about our Metaverse plans

Track 3
In Real-life utilities/ Brand partnerships
Partner with sexual wellness and sextech brands across the globe and act as a vessel for them to enter the Metaverse and web3.
Our goal is to build these exclusive partnerships and provide our members with their real-life utilities, services, products like fetishwear, toys, access to clubs etc.
Read more about IRL utilities

Additional Info

Best way to get whitelisted is by involving with us on Twitter.