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Project Description

In a time long forgotten, whilst the Universe of Magic was the only one which truly mattered, the dark forces and the Great Wizards collided in the Great Wizarding War!

After long and exhausted battles, The War finally ended and the dark forces were defeated! As a follow up, the Great Wizards created The Order of Phoenix, a secret society of witches, wizards, magic birds and creatures whose their sole purpose was to stand against violence, defend humanity and maintain peace in the Universe of Magic.

Legendary Owls belong to the Order of the Phoenix, being the first protectors of the Universe of Magic. They watch over the humanity, spreading the values of Bravery, Wisdom, Faith and Compassion to every living being.
These values are crucially important, so KEEP THEM CARVED IN YOUR MEMORY! The secret will be revealed at the right time!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Legendary Owls NFT Roadmap

Chapter 1: Rewards

5 x 1 ETH Giveaway for 5 lucky minters

The Treasury gets funded with 8 ETH.

20 NFTs will be raffled to the lucky minters.

10 ETH Donation to a charity chosen by our community.


The Treasury gets funded with 12 ETH.

Chapter 2:

Additional benefits and giveaways are prepared for our holders, to give you a taste of it, we’ll mention just a couple of these: raffles, priority on all the future collections, early whitelist access, low mint cost, parties, private events.

Top holders will receive an exclusive invite to a party in one of the most glamourous cities on Earth. Connect with the creators of the project, artists and important people from CRYPTO and NFT space. Enjoy the luxuries of a city that shines as bright as the stars above.

Our holders deserve the best, that`s why a quarter of the royalties will go as passive income to them.

Launching our utility token: $TONE. Our community utility token $TONE will be the currency of our Ecosystem.


Additional Info

Mint date 24 AUGUST

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!