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Project Description

Fantazya’s main purpose is to spread awareness and to educate the younger generations about critical social issues such as the importance of overcoming struggle, violence against women, and false body/self-image. By doing so, Fantazya will be playing a large role in spearheading the revolution in Web3.

A character born out of outstanding artwork by a renowned artist, Ahmed Safer (, Fantazya faces struggle in her own story, and from this struggle, she finds strength. Fantazya’s story will be used as a tool to educate the younger generation of females values such as being true to yourself, loving who you are, and perseverance through a short animated series.
Some of Fantazya’s features will include staking, hand-drawn art, alpha, staking, merchandise, and of course the soon-to-come animated series!
Fantazya comprises of a collection of 3,333 Non-Fungible tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Also, the team is fully doxxed: Female founder – Ruba, renowned artist – Ahmed. and Cofounder and MAYC holder – Yousef.
Fantazya has a strong foundation which is easily portrayed with the strategic collaborations created with top industry Alpha groups such as Ape List, Doodles, Moonbirds, WoW, PXN, Kaiju Kingz, and many more.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Life of Fantazya (WL registration) NFT Roadmap

Drawing of Fantazya Collection
Smart Contract Development
Constructing the Story
Preparing the Narrative
Deployment and Testing of Smart Contract
Smart Contract Audit
Minting of Fantazya Collection
Phase II

Development of Full Body Avatar
Design of Merchandise
AZYA Token
Fantazya DAO
Full Body Avatar Mint
Phase III

Script of First Episode
Script of Second Episode
Script of Third Episode
Script of Fourth Episode
Script of Fifth Episode
Select Production Team
Metaverses to be Displayed in
Minting of AZYA Pass

Additional Info

Mint Date: Saturday, 20 August
OG Mint: 2pm CET (2hr)
WL Mint: 4pm CET (22h)
Mint Price: 0.06 eth

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Public raffle registration link: