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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Machiavellic is a Next Generation NFT Driven Play and Earn MMO in the Dungeon Crawler genre.

There are two primary mission goals for the game.

1. To reject all current predatory monetization practices being widely adopted in the gaming industry today. No gacha mechanics, no paid loot boxes, no gambling instinct exploitation. We want players to be able to earn from their efforts through a central marketplace where they can trade/sell their resources and any kind of gear they find, loot, or craft.

2. To abstract the blockchain tech that powers the game so that any gamer can get into it and participate without having to know anything about crypto. The crypto enthusiast can still perform all expected actions like mint their character/gear to take back to their wallet and trade on other marketplaces, if they so wish.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Machiavellic NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

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