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Project Description

Maestro’s Mix comes from blending different colors that gives birth to an entirely new color. Just like fusing primary colors results in the creation of secondary colors, Maestro’s Mix takes this a step further.
Maestro’s Mix aims to explore all possible outcomes of color fusions by attempting to blend two or more colors with a hint of tint or shade that gives a unique output every time. Touching base with the color theory, which revolves around the concept of the color wheel, Maestro’s Mix is inspired by the harmonious blends and outcomes of various color shades.
Each color outcome is a harmonious combination between two or more colors and each outcome reflects a new possibility. Every new color created, as a result of fusing colors, embodies a different and unique emotion.
Maestro’s Mix adds perception to life. Each unique shade sparks a new feeling. Most of all, Maestro’s Mix is a true depiction of sheer joy. It is a world full of opportunities. It transports you into a world without despair, a world of fulfillment; Maestro’s Mix is simply magic!
– OG & Whitelisted Free Mints are reserved for 24hrs
– OGs have 2 and WL have 1 free mint reserved
– First 500 Public Free mints
– Rest 1000 Public mints at 0.005
– Max 1 public free mint per wallet
– Max 5 mints per wallet
– Max 5 mints per transaction

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Maestro’s Mix NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Minting Details (Time Announced)

Wen 👉 5th Oct 2022 at 2PM EST
Supply 👉 1920

Owner Reserved 👉20
OG Reserved 👉 100 – 2 Free Mints per OG
WL Reserved 👉 300 – 1 Free Mints per WL
Public Reserved 👉 1500 – 1 Free Mints per Wallet (first 500)

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