Magpie Moguls - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A 9999 Mischief of Magpies is coming to Solana, bringing with them incredible utility, airdrops, and much more to innovate the NFT space.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Magpie Moguls NFT Roadmap

1. Launch

In January will be growing our community, giving away whitelist spots and preparing for our public mint. Want to ensure our launch goes perfectly and that build a loyal community!

2. Public Mint

We’ll announce our minting date as soon as we’re ready – want to get you your Magpie Moguls as soon as can. But first want to secure secondary markets and make sure you, as a Magpie holder will have everything you could ever want after minting!

3. Seed Funding for $NEST

Seed funding for our token. Access to seed funding only for top tier investors and NFT holders. Tokens will also be generated at this time by staking.

4. IDO. Token Launch on a DEX

Airdrops become available. Collect the shiniest and most valuable NFTs.
Nest expansion becomes available, increasing your airdrop inventory slots using $NEST.
Magpie Mates are on the way. The rarity and traits of your airdropped mate will be directly affected by your airdrop inventory.
Image Recognition tool will identify who is using their Magpie as a profile picture, and start sending you $NEST as well as access to many other benefits!

5. Future Drops

Our collection of NFT’s will continue to expand, both within the Magpie Moguls universe and with Quantum Studios upcoming NFT Launches. This is just the beginning, and as a holder and community member you’ll get priority access to everything have planned, including our upcoming Solana based Role-Playing Game & NFT.

Additional Info