Marikos Secret Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Mariko Secret Club is a story-based NFT project that displays the varying personalities of Mariko. Giving our NFT holders the chance to express themselves through Mariko, and build a life around an exciting and limitless character.

By minting a Mariko NFT, you gain access to the Secret Club, and with that a wide range of opportunities. You’ll start your journey with a randomly generated version of Mariko, portraying one of her many personas. From there, you’ll get unique opportunities to build a life with your Mariko NFT.

The life of Mariko doesn’t stop after mint; because we’ll be offering unique and exciting opportunities to progress, allowing you to build your own story in Mariko’s world.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Marikos Secret Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Mariko’s Community
Before launch our Mariko NFTs, want to ensure that have a fantastic community standing behind us. Be making our mark on social media, and giving everybody a chance to get excited about our collection.

Discord members will also be involved in a whole host of real-world giveaways such as high-end tech and Mariko merchandise. Enthusiastic members of the community will be given whitelist spots, and be the first to mint an NFT at our presale.

Phase 2: Mariko Herself
Here’s where we’ll drop our collection of x Mariko NFTs, we’ll host a reveal shortly after for you to see the variation of Mariko that you’ve minted.

Phase 3: Passive Benefits
Using 20% of total sales, we’ll be investing in a number of Ethereum nodes, which will be used to generate a form of passive income to holders. Any profits that are generated using the nodes will be distributed accordingly fairly to holders.
It is important to note that cannot promise any profits, or return on investment.

Phase 4: Mariko’s Secret Club
Our holders will be able to display their allegiance to our collection in a more physical way with the introduction of our activewear clothing range. This will not only give holders the chance to proudly wear our brand, but it will also offer another potential income stream, with shareholders receiving a fractional percentage of net profits.
During this stage, and as we continue to move forward, we’ll reward NFT holders with a range of prizes and rewards.

Phase 5: Coin Offering
For this phase, we’ll launch our native $MARIKO token on the Ethereum blockchain, which will provide us with a way of powering the Mariko ecosystem as move towards the future as a project and a brand.
Release further information about this with the release of our whitepaper.

Phase 6: The Future
With a working token, and a growing brand, we’ll constantly be looking for ways to increase the value of your investment and provide a positive and long-term experience.

Welcome to the Club.

Additional Info

Minting – Aug 14th Price – 0.06 Eth

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!