Marvallous Voodoo Warriors - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

✨ Voodoo Warriors NFTs- designed by marvallous
– creative collective ✨ marvallous
– creative collective is on revolutionizing the bond between Artists and their Audience!

🤘🏼 through NFTs share profits with your favourite artist and spread peace and love through music and art 🎨 2222 Voodoo Warriors **fighting on the Ethereum Blockchain for the good of humanity!

⚔️ It’s all about supporting creators, artists, devs, and especially covered persons when it comes to mental health all around the world.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Marvallous Voodoo Warriors NFT Roadmap

Marketing Phase II
branding and partner hunt

Set up marvallous marketplace
where the magic happens

Implement Token MARVA$
passive income for holders

marvallous charity foundation
scholarships for creators, health care packages etc.

Investment fund
invest in highly valuable NFT projects and more assets

marvallous Village Builder 3D drop

marvallous Treasure Hunt Events

moving forward to
complete DAO structure

expand marvallous marketplace
more real life utilities

extend marvallous universe
spread peace & love through music & art!

Additional Info

Provides real life utility, shared profits and royalties with investors up to 50%, the rest is focused on mental health care,, Musicians, Artist, Scholarships and truly making it a community project.