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Project Description

MEGA is the genesis collection of the MEGA 404 universe. Each NFT generates a variation of the main characters.

Through them, you’ll shape a story sprinkled with absurdity and full of 90’s nostalgia! They are the gateway to the MEGA 404 ecosystem.

MEGA 404 is a 2D animated adventure and comedy series, completely absurd and colorful!

Dive in with three kids and one hell of a cute seashell in their quest for the truth behind the MEGA 404: A planetary event that left the world stuck in the 90’s, with people quitting their robotic, mundane lives to chase their weirdest dreams! Like this dude hoarding door handles or this tribe of mole-like men worshiping a gigantic mole-like man.

Oh, and remember the cute seashell? Well, he’s Beeper, and he has unpredictable magic powers! So here begins the adventure! Help shape this incredible world, and maybe, who knows, be part of it!


Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

MEGA 404 ERROR NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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