Megaland Aliens - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Megaland is the universe of extraordinary and unusual events. People entering Megaland not only experience new events but also experience new bodies. Their appearances are from their life events on earth. New body shapes and abilities are usually alien to new Megalandiers. The question is who is alien; the dreamer or his/her self Megalandier?!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Megaland Aliens NFT Roadmap

Website Launch
Introduction of Megaland Aliens and Dream Lab to the community and sneak previews of the NFT artworks

Pre-sale & Rarirty Rankings
In pre-sale, there will be 3000 Megaland Aliens available to mint. After the presale will release the rarity tables and submit for rarity ranking

Public Mint
The public mint will release the remaining 7101 NFTs of Megaland Aliens for sale to the general public via our website

Enter Dream Lab and Mint Extraordinary Creatures
After minting is completed, Megaland Alien NFTs owners will get access to Megaland Dream Lab where they can mint extraordinary creatures that would evolve only on Megaland

Megaland Dream Lab Community DAO
Will be creating a Megaland Community DAO. The community DAO will be used to vote on the future direction of the project to build value for the project and holders

Let’s Explore Megaland!

Additional Info