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Project Description

Mentally unstable is a 3K NFT collection with great art and positive affrimations to bring awareness to mental health. One thing everyone has in common is mental health, and want to use this collection to bridge real world problems to the NFT world. With these unique pieces we believed from the start that a tight knit, more exclusive feeling community, with an also friendly, more recognizable atmosphere would be very productive in completing our mission.

Each piece of art shows the inner thoughts we all face, to make all realize one grater message, you are NOT alone.The idea was always to be the first Mental Health quoted NFT collection, bringing many different healthy push quotes & appealing traits to represent our delicate concept. Owning a civilian will entitle you access to a community where we share great benefits. Being that the sole purpose of this collection will always be Mental Health, expect every utility to follow that ideology in some sort! Will be launching our collection on August 6th, at 3:33 EST.

The long awaited mint day, & beginning of our journey starts now. The name we’ve created, was built on a foundation where we aim to shine a light on such a hidden topic… On this day, we make a statement! We did our best, with a small start up and a huge goal, making the absolute best art that we could for this collection.

Now take in to consideration… with funding… there are no limits to the levels we can achieve! Expect a volume 2 collection, with state of the art NFTs, completely growing and building on the brand that we’ve created. In other words, bigger & better art will be on the way!!! And you’ve guessed it, for a FREE MINT!
We hope you enjoy!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Mentally Unstable NFT NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

MINT August 4th

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