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Project Description

Greetings! My name is Albert, and I am 20 years old. I have had a disability since birth – I am deaf-mute person. Not so long ago I discovered NFT and Web3 and tried myself in a new role – a digital artist. Inspired by Stray and supported by an NFT media personality (he asked to temporarily withhold his name for the sake of intrigue), we created the Meowki project, which will give Web3 value to society, as well as help people with disabilities and psychological problems to find friends and gain new skills!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Meowki NFT Roadmap

1. Project Launch

On December 21 we are launching Project Meowki! Those on the MeowList (WL) will be able to mint for 24 hours. 100% of the funds raised from the sale of Project Meowki will go to the British Deaf Association & National Association of the Deaf children’s charity! You’ll find all the details of the mint and the official links above, or on Twittere.
A bit about the art: Inspired by the game Stray, in which an android helps a kitten find its way to the surface, as well as adding elements and stylistics of CyberPunk 2077, I created the Meowki collection. It is based on a cat and its android helper. I decided to stick with the Pixel Art style (because it’s a universal style that suits everyone, regardless of age or outlooks). And who doesn’t love cats? The total supply of Meowki is 999. There are 50+ unique traits and 8 categories of traits for the whole collection. I’m sure that besides the main goals of the Meowki project, everyone will find a cat to their liking! And we’ll also use Instant Reveal, so everyone can enjoy their art instantly;

2. Opening up Discord and social networking

At the end of the mint we’ll open up the Discord, which will initially only be available to Meowki project Holders. Since our Total Supply is only 999 NFT, it will be easier for us to start and develop the Meowki project. We also need to develop other social networks (Reddit/Meta/Telegram and so on). And we will be able to attract people who want to help (volunteers, charity groups and other benefactors);

3. Starting a charitable mission for the society

With basic online preparations completed, we can begin our mission and form teams. We will try to cover as many places on the planet as possible, and together we will organize IRL charity meetings, volunteer and help people with disabilities, homeless people, people who are in a difficult situation, and of course, we will not forget about animals! Our task is to structure all the activities in a planned way and according to the schedule, then we will be able to act as effectively as possible and involve more people in the Meowki ecosystem;

4. MeowkiLand

Having created the foundation of the Meowki project we can move forward and expand our Web3/NFT space. Creating a new collection with a bigger supply (MeowkiLand) will enable other projects to enter the Meowki ecosystem. And also MeowkiLand is easy to integrate into larger Web3 projects;

5. Creating Meowki-branded centers

Besides charity we want to create various educational centers (IRL & Online), sports clubs, centers of psychological support, etc. for everyone who needs it free of charge. And also for everyone who wants to on a fee basis;

6. Holder Benefits

Any Web3/NFT endeavors (including the MeowkiLand collection) and all resulting benefits will be directed primarily to the Holders of the main Meowki collection. Likewise, any funds generated from the activities of our centers/sports clubs/other sources will be distributed as decided by the Holders. As the project develops, this list will be painted in as much detail as possible. But one thing is for sure, the core collection Holders are the main people in the Meowki ecosystem;

7. Attracting investment and launching our own Web3 projects

After creating and starting to develop a Meowki project, we can start attracting investments from Web2/Web3 representatives. With the help of this investment, we can most easily develop and scale the steps described above, as well as create new projects in Web3. One of the main plans at the moment is to create our own MetaVerse (+ social network), the emphasis will be on the most comfortable experience for people with disabilities. More details coming soon!

Additional Info

Project designed to help persons with disabilities ?
Supply: 999 | Mint Date: 21 December | Mint Price: 0.019 ETH

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