Meta Banana NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

MINT + chance to get 22 SOL

Meta Banana – is a big project who’s on a way to building a huge community and distinctive features: Metaverse, P2E Game, $BANANA Token

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Meta Banana NFT NFT Roadmap


1. Metaverse
2. P2E Game
3. $BANANA Token
4. Merch
5. Ecosystem
6. Airdrops and sweeping the floor every 1 week


Phase 1:

1- Project Concept Development Founders put a talented team of devs, artists and community managers together to make the project a reality.
2- Launch Social Media Discord, Twitter.
3- Launch Website Development of a convenient and pleasant website for users.
4- Launch Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Conducting a comprehensive marketing campaign for our project.

Phase 2:

1- Launch Free Banana NFT Collection, 222 Bananas are ready to be minted. 2- Listing Banana collection on all major NFT marketplaces.
3- Launch strong 3D Banana NFT Collection, 222 Bananas are ready to be minted.
4- Listing new 3D Banana collection on all major NFT marketplaces.
5- Sweep the floor and airdrops every 1 week.

Phase 3:

1- NFT Staking The NFT staking smart contract provides passive income to holders of every NFT collection of Meta Banana. The longer staking period you choose, the more income you will get.
2- $BANANA Tokens Giveaway to attract new audiences and encourage our loyal community members.
3- Metaverse – P2E game with bananas, islands, banana trees and own lands.

Phase 4:

1- Merch Launch : Necklace Flex, Hoodies, T-shirts, Canvas.
2- Ecosystem : Plan to keep building out greater utilities for our ecosystem holders. As our ecosystem expands we plan to add more Activities, Raids, Tournaments, Events and more! We’re not gonna stop.


Additional Info

MINT 14.08 | 0.40 SOL (0.20 for wl)

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!