Meta Meatballs - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description


Meta-Meatballs are 8,888 unique royalties and profit sharing play-to-earn gaming NFTs to be used in the Meta-Meatball Meat-a-verse and membership to exclusive events. Most meatballs are greedy narcissists and each exists in its own right to drip in swagu, collect sauce, gain rewards, and just look plain damn cool. Meta-meatballs have rolled off the table and into the crypto space holding unique assets and traits, so no meatball is exactly the same. So, grab your future new best bud Meatball and let’s start drippin’ and get rollin’ into the Meat-a-verse.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Meta Meatballs NFT Roadmap

Phase I – 8888 NFT Launch
-1000 Whitelist Sale to early Meatheads. Each Whitelist purchaser will receive the first opportunity to buy the sauce token before launch and receive air-dropped Sauce Tokens at floor price at no cost. Each Whitelist Holder regardless of re-sale will forever remain a Meathead VIP. All of this for being one of the first Meatheads.
-2000 Pre-sale to avoid gas-wars. Pre-sale opportunities will be chosen by those who complete social media promotions.
-Public sale of remaining 5888 NFTs.

Phase II – Metaverse Marketing and Development
-Continued development of Meat-a-verse play to earn games.
-Merchandise store launch. Request your custom Meatball on your favorite clothing or accessory.
-Special Airdrop gift for every Meathead on International Meatball Day, March 9th of every year.
-Sweepstakes and give-aways for Meatheads to include but not limited to BTC, ETH, BNB, Sauce Token and rare gaming NFT items. (If 100% minting takes place, very large sweepstakes will be promised.) Marketing campaigns for Sauce Token and NFT resales.
-Launch of the Sauce Token of the Meat-a-verse.
-Whitelister purchasers receive their Sauce Tokens.

Phase III – Native Gaming Token, Sauce Token Launched
-Drop of the 3WEb(3D) Meatball Game for every NFT Holder.
-Continued Marketing campaigns for Sauce Token and NFT resales.
-NFT Marketplace Launch

Phase VI- Meat-a-Verse Launched
-First Play-to-earn mini games fully launched.
-Staking and Yield-Farming
-Merge Machine (Saucepot) Launched
-Live Meat-a-Verse Events (TBD)
-Chapter 1 of Solo/Adventure Mode Released (TBD)
-To have to the Guiness Book of World Record Largest Meatball Party after 100% -Mint and complete Meat-a-Verse Launch

Additional Info

NFT Merging and creation, Marketplace, Profit Sharing and Royalties