Metabrewsociety - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

🍻 Top Web3 Beer Brand | NFT Holders get lifelong free Beer 🚀 MINT starting Sep 22nd | Join DC For WL 🌍 Shipping worldwide, own a Brewery in Bavaria.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Metabrewsociety NFT Roadmap

MINT starts on September 22nd!

Everything you need to know about the Project
Everything you need to know about the Project
The brewing and enjoyment of beer has a rich and sophisticated history – it is one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks in the world. MetaBrewSociety’s mission is to leverage the power of decentralized communities and the Metaverse to breathe new life into an antiquated industry.

Your MetaBrew­Society Utility
You do not just get an amazing and unique piece of art when buying an MBS NFT.
You´ll also get unseen utilities and you´ll profit from the long-term success of MBS

Beer 4 free
For as long as MBS will be around, every NFT holder is entitled to claim an annual beer allowance of 160 to 240 cans of beer brewed by the MetaBrewery based on the NFT rarity and its „beer share value“.

VIP tours
MBS NFT holders are welcome in the real and the Digital Brewery, as co-owner, at any time for a free VIP tour, a free beer tasting right from the barrel, to meet the other community member and the real brewers

Exclusive voting rights on key business decisions
Will form a DAO of NFT holders which will vote on which beer we are going to brew, in which city we are going to open the next beer shop and many more important business decisions

There will be additional utility for NFT holders to
directly benefit from the overall success of the MetaBrewSociety beer business. Not just by NFT value but also monetarily. For regulatory reasons we can´t disclose more right now.

Exclusive discounts
Shop at a 25% discount at the iconic MBS Shop where our Specialty Beers, but also Food Specialties and unique MBS Clothing will be offered in the Metaverse. Products available at limited volumes will be exclusively made available to NFT holders before they will be sold publicly

MBS Affiliate Program
Exclusive NFT holder Affiliate Program with 20% revenue share in perpetuity on all sales generated with customers acquired by an individual NFT holder.

Exclusive MBS events
Every MBS NFT holder is granted access to exclusive real and virtual events (e.g., beer tastings, brewing classes, Septembeerfest) and locations (MBS tap rooms, first in Benidorm, Spain)

MINT Starts on September 22nd 2022
The MetaBrewSociety mint will take place in three stages. MBS is a community-focussed project that is onboarding many new entrants into the web3 space – the mint phases have been specifically designed to accommodate everyone in our community.

Additional Info

Top Web3 Beer Brand | NFT Holders get lifelong free Beer
MINT starting Sep 22nd | Join DC For WL
Shipping worldwide, we own a Brewery in Bavaria

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