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Project Description

A group of epic, wild and unique tattooed Dolls are ready to rule the Metaverse.
This is not your conventional Doll, and it is not another work of art.
These are 7000 Dolls expressing their identity through their skin.

MetaDolls is an NFT Collection Project based on the Ethereum network. It is made up of 7000 randomly generated 3D hyper realistic dolls.

The MetaDolls create a unique style through the changes in their body.
Face Tatts, Nose rings, golden chains, original hair styles are examples of ways in which MetaDolls build their own identity and aesthetic.

Holders Will Have An Exclusive Boutique For Hand Made Physical Versions Of Their NFT Artwork.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

MetaDollsNFT – First Metaverse Tattoo Shop NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!


Additional Info

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