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Project Description

The Metmafia is a community in virtual world based on good instead of evil, our goal is to control virtual world to spread peace and love The metamafia community consists of the BOSS and 99 leaders and thousands of members to control metaverse through our projects NFT and tokens and metamafia game, and lands in metaverse.

The Metamafia leaders will have a direct role in the project through investing and obtaining a leadership amd membrship role for lifetime , and they will have a share of the project’s profits, and a role in making decisions to make the project successful, to build a strong and lasting community based on brotherhood and preserve Metamfia to achieve the set goals, and also part of the profits of the project we will donate for spreading love and peace

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


The METAMAFIA NFT will produce a collection season 1 METAMAFIA LION of 100 pieces for leaders, and for memebers will pruduce season2 4949NFT and season3 4949NFT pieces .
to be leaders in metamafia must mint and hold NFT metamafia lion then will get 5 free NFT from season2 for every leader and 10% of Season2 profits will be divided among the leaders , and 5 free NFT from season3 for every leader and 10% of season3 profits will be divided among the leaders.
Leaders will be able to recover their investment and double profits from season 2 and 3 .
METAMFIA will produce token , 10% of token will divided among the leaders holders .
METAMFIA will lunching our game metamafia play to earn , leaders and members can play to earn , and 10% of profits will decided among leaders .
METAMAFIA will lunching our land in the metaverse leaders will get free land and 10% of profits decided among leaders .
To maintain the role of the leader in METAMAFIA and the profits throughout the project phases you must Hold NFT METAMAFIA LION and we invite the leaders that they will be part of a project and commit to the stages so that can satisfy them and give confidence to make the project succeed together and spread love and peace .
METAMAFIA will donate 10% of profits from the project , As we know the problem of drought and water is the challenge now in the world, so will focus that the donation goes to people who do not have water to drink by finding water sources for them (water = life) This will be in partnership with organizations .
10% for security fund to inject in a pole in need
10% giveway for members

Additional Info

The METAMAFIA NFT will produce a collection METAMAFIA LION SEASON1 of 100 pieces unique for MAFIA LEADERS , and for MAFIA MEMBERS will produce season2 4949NFT and season3 4949NFT pieces with each piece of their DNA shared and protected via the Ethereum Blockchain.

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