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Project Description

MetaTrekkers NFT is a collection of 2,500 randomly generated, unique PFPs developed by a doxed team with experience in the metaverse environment.

The MetaTrekkers NFTs offer the community a unique set of benefits and utility in the form of virtual real estate shares and voting rights over the MetaTrekkers Club DAO (Decentraland official Point of Interest + SandBox and Otherside parcels), metaverse onboarding services, access to exclusive virtual and live events, web3 professional development sessions, over $40k in giveaways, airdrops and Decentraland land, and unprecedented networking opportunities.

With a presence of more than a year on the Decentraland entertainment scene, MetaTrekkers is celebrating its NFT collection launch with the biggest DJ battle series in the metaverse, where both DJs and holder community can win big crypto and NFT prizes.

Twitter: @MetaTrekkers

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

MetaTrekkers NFT Roadmap

Drawing our inspiration from Elon Musk’s 1984 Blastar game, created a unique character design ready to lead the community on an exclusive journey of the metaverse.

Over half a year ago we purchased a Decentraland parcel and developed a one-of-a-kind real estate where hosted weekly art, NFT and metaverse related events. Also introduced a set of special rarity MetaTrekkers to our collection, identifiable by unique attributes and represented by 10 Legendary, 20 Epic and 30 Rare NFTs.

Marked by the first BeatTrekkers party in our Decentraland MetaTrekkers Club, release the Pioneers Whitelist, containing 1000 spots available to early-adopters. The crypto wallets registered as members of this exclusive list will each receive Decentraland parcel shares and voting rights, and will benefit from significantly low minting gas fees. Further metaverse real estate shares applies to the Legendary, Epic and Rare MetaTrekkers NFT holders.

4% Sold

$500 equivalent of Decentraland MANA ($12,500 Total)

The launch of our weekly Metaverse Onboarding and Learning Program, plus the first MetaTrekkers giveaway, which will bring a lucky NFT holder a prize of 200 Decentraland Mana. The raffle will repeat for each 4% (100 NFTs) minted.

20% Sold

$3k equivalent of Ethereum ($15k Total)

The launch of the first MetaTrekkers Party-hop event, taking our NFT holders on a guided tour of Decentraland’s hottest 5 lands and projects. The party will end at the MetaTrekkers Club where we’ll reveal the name of the lucky winner of our 1 ETH giveaway prize. The raffle will repeat for each 20% (500 NFTs) minted.

40% SOLD

1,000 limited edition full-body Decentraland wearable skins (Pioneers Whitelist Exclusive)

Celebrating our Pioneers Whitelist members by airdropping them a unique Decentraland wearable NFT. To top it all off, will hold a party at our MetaTrekkers Club, marking the launch of the MetaTrekkers Sessions, hosted by a surprise guest from the “Top 30 most influential people in the metaverse” list.

60% SOLD

1,500 full-body Decentraland wearable skins from our Metatrekkers collection

Official launch of the MetaTrekkers Live Experience series marked by a livestream event led by our co-founder Chris Oniya (CryptoWorld Con and NFT Con speaker, OpenSea and Ripple Angel Investor) and ClutchCityDon (Mutant Ape Yacht Club metaverse early-adopter and investor).

80% SOLD

1 Decentraland parcel

Purchase land in the Sandbox metaverse, develop digital real estate and distribute 50% of it, allocating the shares equally amongst our NFT holders. The metaverse real estate shares will take effect when 100% of our MetaTrekkers collection is minted. Simple and efficient!

100% SOLD

All-expenses paid trip to the Texas Blockchain Council’s Annual Summit

Big time celebration marked by an exclusive “Thank you!” party with a surprise, special guest DJ!

Decentraland wearable air-drops for the 1500 MetaTrekkers NFT holders outside the Pioneers Whitelist.

Start of the MetaTrekkers Wearable Design Competition and official announcement of the MetaTrekkers Job Fair.

Distribution of the Sandbox land metaverse real estate shares to our NFT holders.

Future Journey

This was just the beginning! Stay tuned for many more educational, development, investment and charitable opportunities, like the purchase and metaverse real estate shares of land in the Meta (Facebook) metaverse.

Follow our communication channels and join our innovative trek into the world of blockchain, crypto, NFT, web3 and Play-to-Earn.

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Building a community who values education, development, visionary investment and unprecedented networking opportunities above all.

MetaTrekkers will land on the blockchain very soon. They will first be available for mint exclusively to the Pioneers Whitelist members and shortly after they’ll also be available to mint on OpenSea. Make sure to follow our social media channels for a chance to get a spot on the Pioneers Whitelist.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!