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Project Description

Long ago, on the dark side of a distant moon, a group of brave souls allowed the shadows to consume them. In response, the surrounding spirits calcified their fear into Dark Eggs. Nowadays, these Eggs are rare because finding one means contending with the nightmares who guard them. Few undergo this frightening endeavour, and even fewer return with their sanity intact.
The Dark Egg is one of Metropolis World’s Ethereal Eggs: a limited collection of eggs which can be hatched to reveal their mystery contents.
Dark Eggs will come with a redeemable limited edition physical object.
As a 360 degree, story driven universe, Metropolis World blends unique properties, gaming, art, and experiences which span the physical and digital world. Owning a Dark Egg means owning a unique piece of that story which represents your footprint in the world. Start your journey today!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Metropolis World Ethereals: The Dark Egg NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Details of the Egg Airdrop are here!

📆 Airdrop will happen on 26 Jan
🤝 Each Passport owned will get you a specific egg
🛂 The ‘Chronos’ egg is airdropped to owners of all 6 Passports
🥚 Exclusive mintable ‘Dark Egg’ ltd to 250 supply

Dark Egg pre-mint

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