Mingo Pack - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Mingopack NFT project is a collection of 5555 unique utility enabled flamingos that live on the blockchain. The traits will eventually unlock different membership levels, perks and a whole lot more.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Mingo Pack NFT Roadmap

10 % Minted

Will mint 100 NFTs for future team, community, and giveaway purposes.
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30 % Minted

The Mingo Pack Community for our NFT holders will be created. The only possible way to enter this community is by proving your Mingo Pack NFT ownership.

As a member of this closed community, firsthand pre-sale info about our (or other rare) future NFT projects, and access to many crypto giveaways! On top of that, you will be part of very exclusive / community of likeminded individuals!
50 % Minted

Will do a great giveaway of 0.2 ETH to three lucky minters of our Mingo Pack NFT Community.
70 % Minted

Will donate 2.5 ETH to an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless people
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90 % Minted

Will create special Mingo Pack Merchandise that will be available at a huge discount for members and sent to many NFT influencers around the world, so that everyone from the crypto community knows about the Mingo pack NFT project.
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100 % Minted

Already working on a future NFT Collection that will drop shortly after the Mingo Pack NFT collections is 100% minted. And yes—you guessed it—2,500 lucky owners of the Mingo Pack NFT will receive a random of NFT from the following collection for free!

It will also stay our top priority to keep working on the mingo pack project intensively, so that the recognition and value of the Mingo Pack NFT goes all the way up – to the moon!

Additional Info


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