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Project Description

Water you up to, mate? shark

There’s some-fin special coming up that will get you hooked for life fishing_pole_and_fish ! The Sharks are a group of wealthy investors who have decided to make a killing in Fin-Tech dagger because they both have megabites!

William Sharkspeare, Shark McGwire, Sharkira & MC Hammerhead are backing the project and already bought a highly sought-after regional_indicator_o regional_indicator_g Shark! They already own plots in “The Otherside” and the “Sandbox” and are starting the construction of the first_place Shark Tank in Finland!

You can become a Shark yourself and mint a unique 3D character that can be used in AI and VR Applications! Save a boat. Ride a shark ocean. It’s more eco-friendly. It will not cost you an arm and a leg!

Sharklist: 400 Sharks – 0.065 ETH
Sharksale: 1622 Sharks – 0.08 ETH

Chews wisely! When the Sharks are not flirting with sexy seals (Damn, you’re a snack seal), they are buying virtual & IRL property to build experiences for holders. They are also working on creating their own virtual currency which they think will become the dominant currency of the metaverse.

white_check_mark Metaverse & IRL Benefits video_game
white_check_mark Building the Shark Tank in “The sandbox“ and “The Otherside” anchor
white_check_mark Holder experience in Dubai champagne
white_check_mark $SHARK token and staking
white_check_mark Free stay at the community hotels all over the world european_castle
white_check_mark Charity support

The sharks are at the top of the food chain, and they’ll go to any lengths to survive. Benefit from big community kickbacks, giveaways and invest moneybag into the virtual world ! How jaw-some!

Let’s make some Money, Sharks!

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What is the Shark Tank?
The Shark Tank is a virtual space that will exist in multiple metaverses like the Otherside and the Sandbox. The Tank will provide communities and individuals the space to pitch in front of the Sharks.

Who receives funding?
The best projects get selected for funding by the Shark Holders. The more Sharks you hold, the more voting power you will have. There is also an attribute in the metadata that determines the voting power as well as the amount of $Shark Token that you will generate once Staking is active.

How strong is my Shark?
Aqua Power: Determines your vote in the Shark Tank
Health: Take care of your Shark!
Mana: Generate $SHARK faster!
Speed: Who is the fastest Shark?
Strength: Get ready for an underwater battle!

All properties can have values between 1-100.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


Phase 1: Full 3D metaverse-ready rendering of the Money Shark NFT. Achieved.

Phase 2: Buying virtual land located in a popular metaverse. Achieved
The Sharks have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. They released a highly sought-after OG collection that sold out quickly. The proceeds from the sale were used to purchase land in popular metaverses like “The Otherside” and “Sandbox”.

Phase 3: Release of Second Money Shark Collection
The OG nemesis collection included a total of 222 different sharks, each with its own unique appearance and personality. The upcoming collection has a supply of 2222 NFTs and includes ten super rare sharks with unique traits!

Phase 4: The Shark Tank – an underwater aquarium for Holders
The Sharks have decided to purchase virtual land in the metaverse to build their own Shark Tank. The Shark Tank is an underwater aquarium where Holders of the MoneyShark NFT will be able to vote for the
best ideas to deploy the funds raised through the Token Sale. The more money gets raised, the bigger and better Shark Tank will

Phase 5: Staking & other IRL Benefits
Money Shark is using the funds to buy virtual real estate and IRL property to build experiences for holders
and advertise their collections. The cash inflow from operating those venues will be used to purchase a token
called $Shark so that holders benefit from the real utility for their NFT.

Additional Info

Additional info money shark

Building an amazing community and every day more Sharks are joining us! Have started daily giveaways on our Discord and Twitter! Make sure to don’t miss out on any of them!

Will be among the first NFT projects to enjoy the lower fees on Ethereum! **(From PoW to PoS, more info will be available soon in our education section on Discord)**