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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Mythic Mayans will be an Art focused community, with a good irl utility for holders, with a strong roadmap.

Where art, music and lifestyle converge, all surrounded with beauty and nature of the Mayan Riviera and the Caribbean.

At the center of the Project is the folklore of the Mayan Culture, their myths and traditions that overstand the time across the world.

Talk about the Mayan culture its talk about one of the greatest cultures in the world, who left a great legacy in: art, architecture, cuisine, maths, economics, astronomy, hieroglyphs scripts, medicine, etc… and also one of the greatest Mythologies, since Mayans were polytheistic, with a strong respect for the mystic and the nature world.

Taking their Mythology as our main inspiration, we present to the community a new generation of Gods, DemiGods, and Elite Warriors of the Mayan Mythology from our particular vision.

Our passionate team, with a great understanding of the Mayan culture, share their vision with the world of NFTs, to achieve Mythic Mayans become one of the greatest BlueChips in the Solana blockchain.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Mythic Mayans NFT Roadmap

– Beginning of community building.
– Creation of Social Media (Twitter & Discord)
– Creation of WebSite
– Genesis collection with +250 Traits.
– Marketing PreMint to increase exposure.
– Mint / Public

– List inmediatly after mint in Main Marketplaces as Magic Eden / Solanart / OpenSea
– Mythic Mayans DAO & Role verification for Holders
– Implement Mythic Mayans SalesBot
– Implement Mythic Mayans RarityBot for DAO
– $COCOA Tokenomics**
– NFT Staking Platform for $COCOA
– Marketing campaign post mint to continuously attract investors to our community
– Implement Mythic Mayans Marketplace with $COCOA
– Buy Whitelist Spots with $COCOA
– eStore to buy Merch and Whitelist Spots with $COCOA
– Mint NFTs with $COCOA Token
– Raffles for Blue Chip NFTs with $COCOA
-Special Airdrops for Holders

– Inject SOL from Mint funds to the $COCOA Liquidity Pool
– Special 1/1 auctions with $COCOA Token to increase DAO Liquidity Pool
– Collaborations with established Blue Chip Projects. – Special Podcast for interesting upcoming Projects and Mints / Alpha calls.
– IRL Musical Events in Mayan Paradise with IRL utility for Holders.
– Animate your NFT with $COCOA
– Expand our Team with experts in the Solana ecosystem.

– Launch of Mythic Mayans Apparel Brand (Special airdrops for Holders + integration to our Marketplace)
– Implement the use of the different tokens that are in the ecosystem in our Marketplace like $DR3G, $DUST, $CREK, $PUFF
– Collaborations with IRL Established brands
– Creation of Mythic Mayans Tequila brand with IRL Utility for Holders
– $COCOA Token deflationary system

– Launch Mythic Mayans Glamping/Hostel in Mayan Paradise, with IRL utily for Holders
– Launch Mythic Mayans BAR/PUB in Mayan Paradise, with IRL utily for Holders
– More to be announced

This is just the beggining of our vision, we will keep building for infinite utility of Mythic Mayans NFTs and $COCOA Token

**Detailed $COCOA Tokenomics is available in the detailed Whitepaper for the Mythic Mayans Project**

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!