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Project Description

Singapore GP NFT Challenge
We reimagined the concept of fantasy sports, giving fans the ability to play one-day NFT fantasy sports for real Cryptocurrency Prizes. Play against your friends or against everyone, with no season-long commitment. Play daily or season-long fantasy sports and win real money.
Our NFT Market with secondary market included is full decentralized and safe to play.
SportCash One AG, has introduced a sports NFT game based on Formula 1 races. The challenge is that participants buy NFT tickets to predict the winner of the real life race and win prizes accordingly. There will different team NFT tickets – one for each team of the challenge. Tickets can be bought in the Sportcash One NFT marketplace.
Each ticket will be priced at USD 5. One NFT ticket, La Rossa, will represent Team Ferrari, one NFT ticket, The Bull, will represent Team RedBull and  one NFT ticket, Silver Arrow, represents Team Mercedes.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

NFT Formula 1 Challenge GP Singapore NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

* The WINNER(s) receives the total amount in USDN generated from the sale of all the NFTs sold from all the Teams of the Challenge. The Total Prizes will be shared within all the NFT Wallets Winners.
* An additional Prize of 20,000 SCOneX tokens will be shared with all the NFT Team Winners. The
* Total Prizes will be shared within all the NFT Wallets Winners.
* If we sold minimum 150 NFT tickets we will increase the Prize to 50,000 SCOneX Tokens.
* The NFT Team Tickets Holder that do not Win the Challenge will receive 200 SCOneX for each ticket as a reward for participating in the Challenge.

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