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Project Description

NKC Night King Club NFT- the Web3 elite global social club

Founded by an elite team with experience in world-leading firms and modeling agencies, NKC offers online mastermind group and the exclusive private parties/networking events worldwide to connect Web3 elites.

NKC membership is designed to unlock Web3 elite network immediately, which allows you to:

(1) Discover genuine ALPHA, business opportunities and exclusive insider info (recently saved members from the FTX’s implosion)
(2) Join the Web3 elite gang and meet high-quality, resourceful friends to explore potential collaboration
(3) Experience top IRL parties you’ve only seen in the movies after major Web3 conferences (e.g., NFT NYC)

and more perks!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Night King Club NFT NFT Roadmap

you can find our roadmap in our Discord under the FAQ channel.

Additional Info

Minting launch time: 12/04 15:30 UTC?

We strive to maintain the extreme high quality of our club. You can access the allowlist application form on PREMINT using the below link:

If you are a holder of our partner NFT projects, please refer to your project leader regarding how to get on our allowlist.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!