Ninja Fantasy Trader - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

10,144 Samurais are available for Pre-Sale

🧬 Samurais are the rarest  NFTraders who possess unique features and superior genes compared to the other NFTraders.

Owning a Samurai, you will get access to the first Financial NFT Game where you can:

  • 💹 Play to earn in live Markets (Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Forex, and Commodities)
  • ⚔️ Test your skills as Martial Artist in Trading Battles and Tournaments against other Ninja players.
  • 📊 Create NFT-Companies and get staking investors.
  • 🌇 Own NFT-Buildings and NFT-Offices in Traderland, making real estate profit.
  • 🏅Get a VIP Membership including trading courses, daily market analysis, signals, access to a VIP Trading Group, and a community of thousands of real traders.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ninja Fantasy Trader NFT Roadmap

Phase 0
-Samurais Pre-Sale
-Samurais Staking Rewards
-Initial Marketing
-Social Media Community

Phase 1
-Trading Play Demo
-Marketplace Demo
-Contract Audit
-Trading Community
Public Sale

Phase 2
-Trading Play Release Beta (Web Browser)
-Marketplace Release Beta (Web Browser)
-Early Adopters in a controlled testing environment
-Ninja Trader Coffee ($NTC)

Phase 3
-Trading Play Release 1.0 (Browser, Android, IOS)
-Marketplace Release 1.0
-Community events & Competitions with Rewards
-Pre-Sale of NFT-Buildings and NFT-Offices
-NFT-Company investment & Staking
-DAO Platform

Phase 4
-Public Sale of NFT-Buildings and NFT-Offices.
-Traderland Defi Release Beta

Developer Platform

-Bots SDK
-Trading Data Marketplace
-Bot Marketplace

Additional Info

At Ninja Fantasy Trader, we wanted to create a bridge between the Gamefi world and real financial markets.