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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A collection of 5,999 Non-Fungible Miner NFTs minted on the Ethereum Blockchain destined to make cryptocurrency mining effortless. Each Non-Fungible Miner is generated using a combination of over 200 unique, hand-drawn traits.

We are a group of commercial cryptocurrency miners offering our fellow cryptoneurs a chance to become a part of our existing profitable mining operations. Begin your journey on the blockchain with NFM.

The NFMs are powered by EziMining and propelled by $EZI token. We have been helping thousands of people purchase and deploy cryptocurrency miners over the past three years. However, the NFMs journey is much bigger. We are dedicated to helping millions discover the world of cryptocurrency mining, DeFi and Web 3.0 at a fraction of the cost.

The Genesis Non-Fungible Miners are 9,999 unique BTC miners living on the ERC blockchain with over 150 unique traits. The NFMs are entering the metaverse to lead the movement of decentralizing bitcoin mining. We are here to help everyone mine bitcoin.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Non-Fungible Miners NFT Roadmap

  • Genesis Block 0 (Q1 2022):
    The NFMs on the SHA-256
    The first NFM celebrations will begin by deploying over 500 ASIC machines at our commercial cryptocurrency mining facilities in Canada.
    This will empower the community with hash power exceeding 25,000,000 GH/s generating the community over 3 BTCs per month in funding for NFM holders’ rewards and future developments.
  • Block 1 (Q2 2022):
    $EZI ICO Launch
    Non-Fungible Miners’ native coin ($EZI) is an ERC-based cryptographic token that complies with the Ethereum system and can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.
    The Community Mining Plant Going Digital:
    Stake your NFM earn and HODL $EZI; monitor community mining performance; receive countless digital and physical rewards
  • Block 2 (Q3 2022):
    The NFM Marketplace
    Get exclusive deals on physical mining equipment and hosting fees; trade hashpower; mint and deploy custom one of ones NFM that comes with a brand new cryptocurrency miner; purchase & sell WL spots; trade NFM and much more.
    This one-stop-shop is where you can begin earning valuable, finite tokens like BTC
    $EZI is now fungible:
    As an NFM holder you can also use $EZI outside of our ecosystem and you will also have the ability to convert to any other ERC-20 token like Ethereum.
  • Block 3 (Q4 2022):
    The NFM expansions & Airdrops
    P2E games (gambling and strategy); NFMs in the metaverse; NFM exclusive events & celebrations; NFM wearables; and much more
    Note all NFM expansions will be subject to governance and $EZI HODLers can help determine the future of our ecosystem.
  • Block 4 (Q1 2023):
    Turn on NFM DAO and Web 3.0 Incubator
    The NFM DAO will be implemented to invoke further transparency in the NFM mining operations and EZI HODLers can help NFM executives in optimizing BTC mining for the entire community and ecosystem
    Launching the NFM thinktank to empower our community ideas into startups on route to the S&P 500

Additional Info

The Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs) are here to make cryptocurrency mining fun and Ezi via tokenized mining and multiple unique utilities. Simply put your NFM is your low-barrier entry to the world of cryptocurrency mining. Unlike any other P2E project, the NFMs are self-sustainable with multifaceted revenue streams that fuel the ecosystem and reward holders.