NoodiLand Playables - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

NoodiLand is a Stake-to-Earn ($DREAM) NFT game project featuring in-app consumables in addition to dynamic characters that evolve as holders dive deeper and participate in the ecosystem. NoodiLand is an expansive universe where dreams come true and adventures are endless!Once fully deployed, holders will be able to connect their wallets to NoodiLand, view their inventory and see the requirements necessary to help their Noodi evolve (NoodiLUTION!).

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

NoodiLand Playables NFT Roadmap

Our Roadmap is divided into two phases. The first phase, and focus of this litepaper, consists of a series of mints as well as a staking and rewards token mechanism. We have two reasons for approaching things in this manner.

1. Community Growth:
This is an opportunity to bring awareness to the project, build community, and jump start marketing and PR.
We want to build a project that our community feels invested in and loves. Opening up the creation process to them allows us to gather feedback in real-time, brain-storm together, and crowdsource the best ideas to provide the highest impact and most enjoyable experience our gamers.

2. Fundraising
A series of limited edition mints will allow us to raise the funds necessary to focus full-time on building out our first interactive and working NoodiLand game prototypes.
With working prototypes, beta-testers, and a small yet budding community our team will be in a better position to begin steps toward a full IGO launch.


* FREE Mint: NoodiLand Dream Potion

-(Supply TBD) dream potion drop
-First mint free, additional terms TBD

* Main Mint: Noodies

-Second mint will feature our main Noodi frens!
-An accessible and fair price will be set based on current market condition
-TBD max mint limits will apply.
-NFT reveal will be 3 days post-mint.

* Staking: Noodi Staking + $DREAM

-Noodi staking opens.
-Accumulation period begins for $DREAM

* NoodiShoppe & Simple Game-Play

-NoodiShoppe opens with in-game consumables
-Holders will be able to select and use the items i n their inventory that they collected to evolve their Noodi.
-Noodies that have received all their required items for their evolution will await their reveal

* NoodiLution Reveal

-New evolved Noodi Reveals will begin 8-12 weeks after mint
-Staking and $DREAM earning will be ongoing with special items drops, contests, and raffles.


Phase two of the roadmap is dependent on the feedback and reception of phase one from our community. The team is open to the idea of expanding into more gamified staking/DeFi.

Additional Info

Our adventure has only just begun! 🏞

Holders of Dream Potions will be Phase 1 Mint for January (Date TBA); #NoodiListers will be Phase 2.

Check our Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!