North Apes - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

In this raffle we are giving away whitelist spots which qualify for a FREE mint.
North Apes is an interactive NFT collection of 5,555 unique apes and a deflationary token on the Ethereum blockchain. Both the NFT and the token come with well known but also new features and opportunities to take profits on an initial investment. Most importantly, however, does the project aim to incentivize activity along its community.
A 5.55% royalty is charged on every secondary sale and goes straight into the treasury to be used to cover costs and pay for marketing.
North Apes is not only a collection of unique images based on random traits of different rarity. On marketplaces which support interactive NFTs – such as OpenSea – they represent profiles (demo) showing stats and letting viewers browse through different backgrounds, foregrounds, effects and animations which a North Ape has collected during events.
To increase activity within the community North Apes let their viewers know when they are hungry. Discord members can then increase their activity to find bananas and feed a North Ape. Also can our members play games whereby they collect points and climb up the highscore to win prizes.
Holders get a discount of up to 100% on the buy fee of North Coin. The discount depends on the amount of North Apes an investor holds.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

North Apes NFT Roadmap


– Create collection
– Create white paper
– Publish website
– Develop contracts
– Implement interactive NFTs
– Implement gamification
– Deploy on testnet and debug
– Deploy on mainnet and verify on Etherscan
– Commit source code on GitHub

NFT marketing

– List NFT on CoinMarketCap and other calendars
– Raffle whitelist spots
– Invest in ads and newsletter/press releases
– Run shilling contest

NFT launch

– Publish provenance
– Minting event
– NFT trading competition

Token launch

– Audit token contract
– Provide initial liquidity and lock LP tokens
– Token trading competition

Token marketing

– List token on CoinGecko
– List token on CoinMarketCap
– Submit token details to Etherscan
– Submit token details to TrustWallet

Long term goals

– Get recognized by South Park
– Get featured in a South Park episode

Additional Info

#Mint date is set on February 3rd, 2023 at 06:00 pm UTC.

Whitelist price : FREE
Mint price: 0.005 ETH

Whitelist spots are raffled on PREMINT, with collaboration partners and in contests. All announcements regarding raffles are made on our social channels, so make sure to follow and stay up to date.

Whitelist spots are overallocated, i.e. there are more spots than the total supply – first come first serve principle. They qualify for a free mint (additional mints are still charged) and do not guarantee a mint (no early access but fair chance granted to everyone)!

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