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Project Description

A collection of 636+ Car Number photos that identifies each and every retiring train car on Singapore’s 2-oldest MRT lines.

Featuring the KHI C151 (396 Cars), SIE C651 (114 Cars) and KNS C751B (126 Cars).

By 2026, all 106 trains (636+ NFTs) featured in this Collection will retire from service.

The floor price of each nft has a meaning pegged to the historical background of the token itself!

Owning an NFT from this Collection is equivalent to owning a piece of Singapore Rail History of at least 20 years in vintage.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

North-South & East-West Line Trains (Retiring) NFT Roadmap

Singapore Metro NFT project takes a different direction than other conventional projects. We learn from past lessons-learnt on NFT Projects that overdelivered and disappointed their supporters in the short-medium term.

Instead of 1 Brand, 1 Big Collection, 1 Drop, the business model would instead be 1 Brand, Many Collections, Drops-at-Convenience.

The roadmap for Singapore Metro NFT is better illustrated in this Wordle that outlines some of the potential areas of interest that could be developed into subsequent NFT Collections.

The Singapore rail network is one that’s ever-changing, ever-seeking and ever-serving. With rail development plans shaping at fluid paces, The Creator reserves the right to amend this Roadmap without notice from time-to-time.


Additional Info

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