O Project - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

In dark times some people will shine
Keep innovating We shall overcome!

O project is a collection containing 3,333 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Everything of the O project starts with an O cell. O cell gets affected by the environment.
After the metamorphosis, the body of the O cell will be split into countless O cells. Encountering with different elements or organisms, the divided O cells will change form. Their purpose is to occupy the world, perhaps it is already around you, ready to invade……

Come and evolve with your O cell. Good or evil is on you, and you can even design the formation of your O cell at any time! The first generation O cell is O project’s base level of membership. Don’t miss out the opportunity of various community leader-level access and perks. Start your O Cell journey here today! Follow us on Twitter and Discord

One O Cell GEN1.0
NFT Pass to Micro Metaverse
Airdrop for GEN2.0
IRL Pass to Our Cruise Journey
3D Derivatives to all GEN1 holders
Access to our merch shop in NYC

Looking forward to meeting you in the Micro Metaverse!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

O Project NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 : Done

Concept designs
Technology verification
Internal prototyping
Avatar designs

Phase 2 : Done

Twitter preparation
Discord community building
Micro Metaverse establishment
Website launch

Phase 3: Progressing

Pre-sale and public mint begin
First generation launch
Secondary market listing

Phase 4: Preparing

Special NFTs for O Cells
GEN 1.0 holders
GEN 2.0 Airdrop
Physical Exclusive
products and goods

Phase 5: Preparing

Community-owned Micro
Metaverse land
NFT game
NFT fund
DAO through community voting

Additional Info

3333 O cells 1.0 launched by O project. First 1111: Freemint + gas.

Mint this version and get to set your own O cells generation with your imagination and creativity.

10% of revenue from minting will be donated to NSCF (National Stem Cell Foundation).

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

Opensea- https://opensea.io/collection/o-project-official