Oasis - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Oasis is the most important gaming community in the metaverse.
Oasis is minted using the innovative ERC721O protocol.
It is guaranteed that NFTs will always have value, and the value will continue to grow over time.
At the same time, let NFT creators and holders share the benefits of community development.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Oasis NFT Roadmap

NFT SALE Sale of original Oasis NFTs, each holder is granted ownership and commercial use rights VERIFICATION ON OPENSEA After the release, the team will apply for Opensea verification Value Growth SYSTEM Oasis will adopt the ERC721O standard. After minting, NFT holder can return the NFT at a price of 30% of the sale price and 50% of the transaction tax. The value of the NFT will continue to increase CHARITY DONATIONS 10% of copyright revenue goes to child protection and famine charities

PHYSICAL AIRDROP Make our brand in kind and airdrop it to NFT holders NFT-GAME COOPERATION Cooperate with multiple NFT-GAMES to enter the game with our NFT CELEBRITY COLLABORATION Collaborate with well-known figures in the gaming industry to raise awareness of Oasis AIRDROP NFT After NFT has a certain popularity, will issue the second NFT, holders can get airdrops for free, and let more people join our community

HELP TRADITIONAL GAME COMPANIES Cooperate with traditional game companies to help them enter the metaverse while expanding Oasis’ influence in the off-chain world $OASIS A token that could be used in the Oasis-verse DAO Build DAO and gradually realize decentralized community governance

PUBLISH NFT-GAME Publish our own developed games, the tokens will be used for game governance NFT-GAME INVESTMENT Invest in more NFT-Game , enter the Oasis ecosystem, and provide more value empowerment for tokens

Additional Info

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