Octopeeples - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

What will start as an 8,888 NFT collection will become a series of Web3 projects that the community will decide upon.

Want an Animated Series or a Metaverse?
Want a family sitcom or a workplace comedy?
Want a comic book or a pizza party? Huh, what kind of toppings?
Oh, okay, that makes sense then. It is your call! A community of creators, dreamers, and degens who are fans of comedy, animation, and multiverses, and are excited for all the possibilities of Web3!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Octopeeples NFT Roadmap

Mint 8888
Octopeeples NFTs

Challenge 1: Octo-Fam
Find your fellow Octopeeples and unite!

Challenge 2: Octo-Lore
Who is your Octopeeples?
Go lore crazy!
Comics anyone?

Challenge 3: Octo-Life
Bring your Octopeeple to life!
get ’em onto backpacks birthday cakes your dad’s minivan the DSCOVR…

Challenge 4: Octo-Empire
Go make money with your Octopeeple!
Sell some merch, open a skateshop, overtake Marvel with your OCU!

If you creative degens can get the floor high enough…

Octopeeples Animated Series
– or –
Octotroplis Metaverse

Additional Info

FREE MINT (Free + Gas)

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