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Project Description

Sloth Roob is the first most iconic digital character from DWCC’s book ”The Chronicles of Roob”..
Some would argue Sloth Roob is from the ice age period. Sloth Roob was in a deep, centuries-long sleep and just woke up..

After a century-long sleep, a total of 5353 Sloth Roobs are now roaming the Ethereum metaverse in search of their friends human fans & collectors..

Sloth Roob NFT is a collection of 5353 unique iconic digital characters inspired by the Digital Web Creation Club’s book – The Chronicles of Roob.. This limited edition comprises characters that have its special rarity and traits providing a secure certification of authenticity..

Building something phenomenal as DWCC will become a premier hub for crypto enthusiasts, NFTs and SlothRoob fans..

Owners of these digital NFTs will be entitled to special perks in the Sloth Roob metaverse in the future as this is a key that grants holders entrance to the metaverse we are building.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Official Sloth Roob NFT Roadmap

Q3 2021
Formation of team and advisors for development of the project & Creation of project architecture and concept.

Q4 2021
The first draft of the “Sloth Roob ” character. Sloth Roob is the first most iconic digital character “Sloth Roob” from DWCC’s book ” The Chronicles of Roob”.

Q1 2022
– DWCC Official website lunch. – “The Chronicles of Roob” first edition book release – Airdrop of 100 Boss Sloth Roob – Genesis 100 Editions Collection ( Teaser Collection ).

Q2 2022
– Launch of 5353 Sloth Roob Official Collection. – The beginning of the search mission is to find the SlothRoob friend’s on the Ethereum network. MammothBoof, SquirrelToot, TigerHooch & WeaselWooz.

Q3 2022
The Launch of MammothBoof, SquirrelToot, TigerHooch & WeaselWooz Collections in the Metaverse.

Q4 2022
The Chronicles of Roob Second Edition Book Release with publishing house ( Yes, Celebrity Writer ).

Q1 2023
Top Secret to be revealed


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