OG Block Chains - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

OG Block Chains, is a first of it’s kind, ethereum history making, luxurious, high-resell value, diamond covered collection of 10,000 Generative NFT’s created for those who have only the best and want others to know it. If you are one of the lucky few, true OG’s who are able to own one of these very scarce and iconic items, there are a few perks that come with the title “OG VIP”. Owners will also gain access to future hand crafted generative “OG Approved” drops, an OG VIP Lounge Area, Discounted Custom OGBC NFT’s, random super limited edition OG NFT’s for free, Access to the OG Swag Shop, and so much more! This includes airdrop of any future fungible tokens if they are created, which isn’t a planned part of the OGBC brand but you never know what will happen. After all, its the future and the future has so many possibilities! We can’t wait for everyone to be a part of this!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

OG Block Chains NFT Roadmap

-The OGBC family is born.
-OG BBQ for the triple OG’s.
-OGBC’s completed by Artist
-OGBC Listed on various sites to offer Whitelist Seats to true OG collectors.
-Drop Whitelist Seating Opens to OG’s

-(Related News) OGBC changes the landscape and sets up new protocol for NFT services being offered to new collections, to buy into collection model and those companies to be paid on how well they provide services against the success of the collection, instead of pay now fail later model of current NFT industry. Which will also help against rug pulling and pre-mint scams from taking place. “This move will change how things are done and will help protect the digital/NFT artist from being taken advantage of or scammed before the collection is even seen by the public. It will also insure that the collector gets only the best possible product from creators…” says top creator from unnamed NFT brand.

-As soon as limited seats filled, WL will close and no longer accept requests.
-WL Seats readied for Pre-sale
-Raffles for giveaways on Pre-sale (OCT 21st) Day to WL Seat Holders.

-Oct 21st: Pre-sale begins
–Whitelist given access immediately

-Oct 31st: Public Access to mint
–End of day on Oct 31st NFT’s unlocked for all holders.

-Post-Mint, First week of Nov:
–OG VIP Area doors opened
–OG VIP Giveaways by way of airdrop
–Raffled prizes for OG VIP’s
–Celebrity Appearances in OG VIP Lounge
— New OGBC Collection Drop Announcement
—OG VIP’s given access to new drop’s whitelist automatically.

-Date TBD: New OGBC Drop Date and even more awesome bonuses for our loyal OG collectors and fans.

-Date TBD: OG Swag Shop Opens doors and offers discounted physical items to OGBC Holders and OG VIP WL Members.

*The future is bright and shining for OGBC and its future trek through the NFT rankings to the top. Join us in this exciting adventure! Regrets is an uncomfortable thing, isn’t it?

Additional Info

Here is the OG Block Chains 10K Drop information:

Whitelist Pre-Sale: Oct 21 (0.10 ETH) WL Still Open to Join
Public Open Mint: Oct 31 (0.25 ETH)

Join WL in our discord! There are a couple things you have to do to get on the whitelist. Make sure to check the extras we added!