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Project Description

Ore Raid is a hand-drawn, side-scrolling game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players travel to an abandoned mine plagued by Ore monsters. Players build Elses, which are mounts that can be ridden on, and fight against the Ore monsters.
Elses have two types of skills – Active & Passive skills. Active skills can be cast to do damage to the monsters. On the other hand, Passive skills enhance the ability and durability of the Else.
When defeated, Ore monsters will drop a fragment of ORA. ORA serves as the game-native’s cryptocurrency and is a key ingredient in the upgrading of Elses.
Players can trade their Elses on the marketplace. The ORA earned from playing the game is interchangeable with an ERC-20 Ethereum token.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ore Raid NFT Roadmap

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Additional Info

Free Mint 13 Nov 2022


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