Overwater Eagle Squad - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Overwater Eagle Squad IS THE NEXT Overwater NFT collection TO INTEGRATE Augmented Reality within the World Overwater Metaverse. The collection is COMPOSED OF 10,000 UNIQUE DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES ON THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN, ERC-721.

August 4th we are inviting the masses to join our Squad for our FREE Eagle Mint. What makes the Eagles unique to the World Overwater you ask? The Eagle collection is your ticket to Events around the world. The World Overwater is all about Experiences and the Eagle collection will be dedicated to adventure seekers around the world. Event experiences focused on sports, concerts, festivals and much more. As the squad migrates to various events, NFT owners will be perked based on the event background of each Eagle.

Own a Football Eagle and escape to an Oakland Raider football game in Vegas or a Concert Eagle and catch a show at Red Rock in Colorado. These are just a few of the experiences you will find as a member of our squad. Overwater dedicated to AUGMENTING OUR EXPERIENCES OF REALITY.

Pelican & Flamingos & Eagles will unite Sept. 29, 2022 in San Pedro Belize. Don’t miss out as the floor price will rise when the masses discover the benefits of being apart of our Squad. Airdrops, NFTs, tokens, whitelists, virtual land, domains and much more to come. I would suggest you grab a Pelican as well before its too late.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Overwater Eagle Squad NFT Roadmap

 Q1 – 2022
Release Augmented Reality Mobile App
Q1 – 2022
Launch Lazy Pelican Squad NFT Mint
Q2 – 2022
Release Bio-Linked Custom URL User Profiles
Q2 – 2022
Release Web3 User NFT Collection Profile Displays
Q3 – 2022
Launch Free Flamingo Flock NFT Mint
Q3 – 2022
Release Augmented Reality NFT Marketplace
Q4 – 2022
Launch Elite Eagle NFT Mint
Q4 – 2022
$OVER Private Token Sale

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