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Project Description

OYA is a luxury resort designed for the future we want to see. You’ll stay in spaces that integrate with
and celebrate the surrounding nature.
You’ll eat fresh food grown on site using old growing principles with the help of the latest robotic and
AI tech.
You’ll have access to the latest research in tech remedies and ancient Healing techniques and ways
of being.
At OYA we bring together old and new, east and west. We are a world class resort with a lifetime entry subscription NFT.


Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


Q3 & Q4 2021
Oya touches ground

In the heart of the Catskills, acquisition of the first Oya location of 200+ acres. Renovations of the landscape and the existing house began, priming the property for an Oya transformation.

Q1 2022
Oya heads South

Oya travels to Virginia and gets another almost 200 acres of secluded beautiful land. She begins dreaming of the potential that the environment offers.

Q2 2022
Oya summons the artists:

Oya’s team of world renowned natural designers and architects have designed special cabins for each location that integrate into the environment plus an ancient trail of traditional structures for healing rituals.

Q2 2022
Oya’s Renewal:

Renovations on the Virginia mansion and community center begins

Q3 2022
Oya blesses the earth:

Preparing the soil, planting trees, gathering of the animals and integration of container farming has begun on both properties.

Q3 2022
Oya’s plan for US:

The entire layout of the two properties has been designed for optimal comfort and connectedness to nature

Q3 2022
Oya goes island hopping:

A turnkey island jungle acreage in the Dominican Republic is acquired as Oya steps outside the shores of the US. She thinks of throwing a party there and then hops over to Zakynthos island in Greece to acquire another piece of paradise on the Mediterranean.

Q4 2022
Oya stops by Miami:

The release of our OYA NFT Global and Local Memberships at Art Basel is the chance for all those interested including utilities such as location access, events and workshops plus other goodies. The launch will be on selected NFT one of her locations.

Q1 2023
Oya’s Creation:

Permits acquired and new construction breaks ground on majority of OYA’s properties.

Q2 2023
Oya tests the waters:

There will be a soft opening for influencers and NFT members to come experience mini retreats with ancient ceremonies, longevity therapies, permaculture, embodiment, or foodie workshops.

Q4 2023
Oya’s open arms:

We welcome the public to come visit for a weekend or stay as long as you’d like

Additional Info

Our Collection will drop on the 12/12/2022
LOCAL NFT mint will be limited to 2999 pieces of which only 999 in Whitelist
WL price 0.6ETH
For a chance to Subscribe to our WL join our Discord server https://discord.gg/oyanewearth
Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/OYA_NewEarth

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