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Project Description

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1200x AllowList for Pasokon

The 6,666 computers were sent to a discarded goods processing plant for recycling because they failed quality control, but they accidentally came to the other world through a time tunnel. Dr.X has given them a series of modifications that have given them a new form of their own, where they are no longer mass-produced industrial products on an assembly line. Every Pasokon is unique. You can choose to enter into a contract with them as a partner, and once the contract is in effect they will become your most loyal companion, and keeping you safe in the world of difference will be the first rule of conduct in his program.

6,666 unique NFTs.
700+ hand drawn traits.
Look closely at them and perhaps the pictures hide Easter eggs that will suprise you later.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Pasokon パソコン NFT Roadmap

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Additional Info

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