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Project Description

Who are we?

We are Peaceful Lionz War and hostility have made our lives unbearable or even uninhabitable. We realized too late that the only thing we needed to do was to embrace peace and brotherhood. The time now is the time to relax and enjoy life. Only in this way can we solve our problems on the basis of peace and brotherhood, as well as enjoy life only in this way. Let’s forget about everything, how about we smoke a joint and distract ourselves? You can travel the world with your friends, for example, or you can go wherever your head goes. Live for peace, stranger.

Since we love green and peace so much, we would like to point out that we plan to support the GreenPeace organization, which is sworn to protect our green. We are against animal cruelty, the imprisonment of animals in the name of simple pleasures and everyone who does them. That’s exactly why we will donate to a foundation that cares as much about animal rights as we do, chosen by our community. I wish you to live in peace and listen to your head.

ART FOR THE COMMUNITY Art has always shed light on people’s feelings. The aim of our NFTs is to reach you through these feelings. We want you to create a bond with our unique nfts that we have produced purely for artistic purposes. Thanks to our artist, we have brought Peaceful Lions to you with a drawing technique that will reflect your feelings. We aim to instill happiness and peace in the entire NFT world with our project, which is focused on war and a little fun. We will achieve this together with you, our valued community members. peace out!

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